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Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Who can win an award from NAA?
In most cases anyone may make a nomination for someone who they think is deserving of a certain award. NAA presents several awards with specific criteria to recognize many different people in the aviation community.

When are award recipients announced?
NAA usually contacts all recipients after the selection committee meets and they are invited to receive the award at a designated NAA event. NAA also posts a press release soon after the recipient of an award is known.

What is the deadline for submitting nominations for awards?
Deadlines vary with each award. Please visit the Awards & Trophies page for a short description of each award as well as the nomination deadline.

Where should I send nominations?
Instructions for sending awards nominations appear under Nomination Guidelines in each award section on this website.

How are award recipients selected?
The process is slightly different for each award, but most of them are selected by a committee. NAA selects people from the aviation industry and community to sit on selection committees for each award. These committees review all nominations that are received by NAA and select a recipient.

For additional information, please e-mail us at [email protected].