Mackay 2000-2009 Recipients

2009 (press release) (photo album)
The crewmembers of Pedro 16, an HH-60G Pavehawk, distinguished themselves under fire during rescue operations near Frontenac Forward Operating Base, Afghanistan on July 29, 2009. Demonstrating the utmost bravery, Pedro 16 and two Army OH-58s engaged enemy forces in an effort to defend and recover Pedro 15 who was downed by enemy fire. Pedro 16 landed, positioning their aircraft directly between enemy positions and the crew of Pedro 15. With rounds falling within 10 meters, Pedro 16 evacuated 6 USAF aircrew and 3 US Army soldiers from the hot landing zone. The selfless actions of Pedro 16 reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

  Crew of Pedro 16
     Captain Robert Rosebrough
     First Lieutenant Luke Will
     Master Sergeant Dustin Thomas
     Master Sergeant Mark Bedell
     Master Sergeant Mark McHan
     Staff Sergeant Andrew Rios
     Staff Sergeant Tim Philpott

2008 (press release) (photo album)
The B-1 crew of BONE 23 distinguished themselves as aircrew members, 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar on 13 July 2008. On that date while flying in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, the crew of BONE 23 was tasked to support troops in contact at Vehicle Patrol Base Wanat. A two hundred strong enemy force was attacking and sure to overrun the base. When the Joint Terminal Attack Controller requested a two thousand pound guided weapon, the crew realized friendly forces were in Danger Close range and suggested a five hundred pound guided weapon. Faced with a critical fuel situation, the crew coordinated to move their tanker closer providing more time on station. Within thirty minutes, BONE 23 accomplished three bomb runs decisively slowing the enemy attack, allowing coalition forces to regroup. The distinctive accomplishments of the BONE 23 crew reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

Crew of BONE 23
     Major Norman Shelton
     First Lieutenant Boyd K. Smith
     Captain Kaylene J. Giri
     Captain Louis M. Heidema

2007 (press release) (photo album)
The PANTHER One One flight distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight as a four ship of F-16CJ’s, 13th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, 332d Expeditionary Operations Group, 332d Air Expeditionary Wing, Balad Air Base, Iraq from 12 August 2007 to 13 August 2007. During this period PANTHER flight was hand-picked to fly a 10.9 hour mission to strike 16 high value targets within the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. Expert airmanship ensured mission accomplishment of the first Balad based F-16CJ’s to support Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and the first ever employment of GBU-38 airburst munitions in combat, all planned and executed in less than 24 hours. Due to the mission’s highly sensitive nature PANTHER flight had to coordinate routing with control agencies that had no prior knowledge of the sortie while covertly transiting the airspace of six foreign nations. With a two minute time-on-target window over 2,100 miles from their home base, the flights expertise guaranteed delivery of the weapons and successful destruction of 15 entrenched enemy fighting positions clearing the way for ground forces to raid a high-level Taliban meeting. Approaching a dangerously low fuel state, PANTHER flight coordinated real-time for supplemental fuel from a residual tanker allowing for the safe return of four F-16CJs to Balad Air Base, Iraq. The professional skill and airmanship displayed by PANTHER One One flight reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

  Crew of Panther One One
     Colonel Charles L. Moore
     Lieutenant Colonel Stephen C. Williams
     Captain Lawrence T. Sullivan
     Captain Kristopher W. Struve

2006 (press release)
An A-10 pilot with the 81st Fighter Squadron, in recognition of his heroic flight in the airspace over southern Afghanistan on June 16 in support of troops in combat during Operation Enduring Freedom. Captain Markle arrived on scene to find the team engaged in hand-to-hand combat and expecting to be overrun by the enemy. Unable to employ weapons due to the close proximity of the team, he flew a dangerously low pass over the enemy while dispensing self protection flares. After the ground controller noted the effectiveness of the pass in momentarily ceasing the enemy’s fire, Captain Markle performed three additional passes, allowing the team to pull back farther each time.

Train 60 crewmembers distinguished themselves as C-130E instructor aircrew, Advisory Support Team, Ali Airbase, Iraq. As instructors to the newly formed Iraqi Air Force, members of the Train 60 crew ensured the success of the first-ever combat mission flown by an all-Iraqi aircrew. The crew’s unprecedented mission was to act as the inaugural Iraqi “Air Force One” by transporting the Iraq’s Prime Minister from Baghdad to Al Sulaymania for a ceremony commemorating Iraq’s new democratic government. During the mission, Train 60 crewmembers instructed Iraqi aircrew members on flight procedures in a combat environment. Their efforts ensured the safety of the crew and the Iraqi head of state during this landmark airlift event. The distinctive accomplishments of the Train 60 crewmembers reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

2004 (press release)
Jolly 11 and Jolly 12 crewmembers distinguished themselves by gallantry in connection with rescue operations near Kharbut, Iraq, on April 16, 2004. On this date, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, Jolly 11 Flight launched to rescue a five person crew of a U.S. Army CH-47 that crashed in a sandstorm with near zero visibility. En route to the crash scene, crews realized their forward looking infra-red and night vision goggles were ineffective. Continuing to use each crewmember to their fullest degree, Jolly 11 Flight was able to locate the survivors. Both aircraft then made near zero visibility approaches relying nearly exclusively on the flight engineers and aerial gunners inputs for precision navigation. Following the successful survivor contacts and recovery by the Flight’s Pararescuemen, Jolly 11 and Jolly 12 were individually engaged by separate multiple surface-to-air missiles attacks. Using evasive maneuvers and working as a fine-tuned, combat seasoned team, Jolly 11 evaded two missiles. Both Jolly 11 and Jolly 12 continued to provide mutual wingman support with defensive fire until the formation was clear of the threat area saving the lives of five U.S. Army personnel. Their gallantry and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

  Jolly 11 Crew
    1Lt Bryan Creel
     Capt Joseph Galletti
     Sgt Thomas Ringheimer
     SSgt Vincent J. Eckert
     SSgt John Griffin
     SSgt Patrick Ledbetter

  Jolly 12 Crew
     Capt Rob Wrinkle
     1Lt Gregory Rockwood
     TSgt Michael Preston
     TSgt Paul Silver
     SSgt Matthew Leigh
     SSgt Michael Rubio
     SrA Edward Ha

2003 (press release)
The crew of VIJAY 10 demonstrated leadership, initiative and heroic service in leading Operation NORTHERN DELAY on March 26, 2003, the beginning of the United States military action in Iraq. The crew directed the insertion of 15 C-17A strategic transport aircraft, the largest formation airdrop since World War II. The mission resuled in the safe and successful airdop of 990 paratroopers and 20 heavy platforms into Bashur Airfield. The crew worked in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and effectively established the United States’ second front in Iraq. The superb execution of this presidential-directed mission significantly contributed to the U.S. miltary’s success. The distinctive accomplishements of the crew of the VIJAY 10 reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

  VIJAY 10 Crew
     Lieutenant Colonel Mark S. Hershman
     Major Robert B. Colvin
     First Lieutenant Matthew J. Clausen
     Master Sergeant Christopher L. Dockery
     Master Sergeant Shawn E. Brumfield

2002 (press release)
For rescuing 82 U.S. Army soldiers–28 of whom were injured–trapped in a rugged valley in Afghanistan by Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces. The 14-man crew of an Air Force AC-130 Spectre gunship engaged the enemy from overhead during a two-hour, night-time operation that permitted two Black Hawk helicopters to land and pick up the battered troops.

2001 (press release)
For rescuing the crew of a sister ship under extremely hazardous weather conditions behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

For performing heroic rescue efforts in record time for victims of the USS Cole tragedy during the 6,000 mile round-trip journey between Aden, Yemen; Djibouti, Africa and Ramstein, Germany. Aircrew members responded brilliantly and launched two rescue C-9 crews within one hour of alert.

  E10E1 Mission Crew
     LtCol Marlon Nailling
     Maj John Andrus
     Maj Kathryn Drake
     Maj David Sellars
     Capt Richard Hunt
     Capt Kevin Keith
     Capt Karey Dufour
     Capt Karin Petersen
     Capt Donna Fournier
     1Lt Lucas Jobe
     SSgt Edward Franceschina
     SSgt Heather Robertson
     SSgt Bradley Atherton
     SSgt Ryan Reller
     SrA Chad Schusko
     SSgt Brian Hoffmeyer

  E10E2 Mission
     Col Byron Hepburn
     LtCol Linda Torrens
     Maj Jonas Allman
     Maj. Thomas Jenkins
     Maj Lola Casby
     Maj Jeffrey Davis
     Capt Raymond Chehy
     Capt Natalie Sykes
     Capt Michael Smith
     Capt Tim Carter
     1Lt Jennifer Bagozzi
     SSgt Alan Wooldridge
     SSgt Kelly Pollard
     SSgt Trent Arnold
     SSgt Juan Garza
     SrA Anna Duffner
     Critical Care Air Transport Team
     Col David Welling, USAF
     Maj Stephan A. Alkins, USA
     Capt Raymond M. Nudo, USAF
     Capt Andrew J. Reynolds, USAF
     Capt Bernd T. Wegner, USAF
     SSgt Chyrise M. Jenkins, USAF
     SSgt Christopher E. Whited, USAF


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