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Circumnavigator Diploma

The Circumnavigator Diploma is a special achievement award for those who have piloted an airplane around the world. Pilots can earn up to four diplomas, depending on the nature of the flights they have made. Diplomas are available for Eastbound, Westbound, Polar, and Nonstop flights.

The Circumnavigator Diploma does not recognize only record setters. While you may naturally associate records with FAI, the Circumnavigator Diploma has been designed to recognize all those who have made the significant achievement of flying an airplane around the world.

Your name will be entered on FAI’s registry of Circumnavigators if you successfully complete the requirements. In addition, you will receive a handsome certificate signed by the president of NAA and the secretary general of FAI.

Click here for a PDF application and more information about the Circumnavigator Diploma.