Organizational Members

NAA’s Members

Organizations involved in nearly every facet of aviation are members of NAA:

  • Corporations: Many of the aviation industry leaders in the United States belong to NAA, from companies that build aircraft to those that build aircraft parts or components. See a list of Corporate Members.
  • Affiliates: Aviation associations—representing different segments of aviation or groups of aviators—join NAA in helping to promote aviation. Trade associations and lobbying organizations are the types of groups found among NAA’s Affiliate Members.
  • Aero Clubs: NAA was originally formed as the Aero Club of America, and it still fills the role as the United States’ national Aero Club. Regional Aero Clubs from across the country join NAA, creating a network of aviation executives and enthusiasts.
  • Air Sport Organizations: The umbrella groups for each air sport—such as ballooning, gliding, and others—representing every type of flying other than general aviation, are members of NAA. We helped form many of the groups when their sports were just coming into being.