Mackay Trophy

NOMINATION PERIOD: Only via U.S. Air Force by January 31 to Chief of Staff

Mackay Trophy Nomination Guidelines

Clarence Mackay Trophy

Permanently displayed at the

National Air and Space Museum

About the Award

The Mackay Trophy was first presented by Clarence Mackay in 1912 and was later deeded to the National Aeronautic Association. The trophy is awarded for the “most meritorious flight of the year” by an Air Force person, persons, or organization. The United State Air Force determines the winner and the National Aeronautic Association presents the trophy to the winner at the Fall Awards Dinner.

The first Mackay Trophy winner was a young Second Lieutenant—Henry H. ’Hap’ Arnold. He received the trophy for a “most meritorious flight” in a reconnaissance competition flown over Virginia on October 9, 1912. The trophy is a large silver cup mounted on a mahogany base. Each year the winner’s names are engraved on the Trophy. Early in the 1960s its appraised value was set at $65,000, but it was estimated then that it might take as much as $650,000 to duplicate.

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