Ballooning & Airships

Ballooning refers to any type of flight with a balloon and a gondola, which includes balloons that use both gas and hot air to fly.

The Balloon Federation of America (BFA) is the body that oversees ballooning activity in the United States. It was formed in 1961 as a confederation of three ballooning clubs-today it represents more than 70 clubs and 3,500 balloon pilots and crew.

BFA provides educational and safety training; it organizes the U.S. National Balloon Championships as well as local and regional competitions; and it serves as a lobbying organization on behalf of balloonists.

NAA works with the BFA on many issues in ballooning, including record setting activity and ballooning awards. NAA awards the Harmon Trophy for outstanding balloon flights in the United States, and it also helps award the international Montgolfier Diploma when an American wins the award.

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