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Aero Club

NAA was originally known as the Aero Club of America. In the role of the nation’s aero club, NAA serves as a clearinghouse for regional or local aero clubs that are affiliated with NAA.

Aero Club Level Members differ from region to region, but almost all consist of aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Each aero club has a distinct and distinguished history; activities and interests vary, but all support aviation in their communities. Aero clubs promote aviation in their respective communities much like NAA attempts to do for the entire country.

Aero clubs that affiliate with NAA receive many advantages and benefits:

  • Become a member of the oldest, most prestigious aviation association in the United States
  • Receive publicity for club activities in NAA's quarterly E-Newsletter and on our web site
  • Add valuable NAA member benefits to your club's current benefits package (see below)
  • Connect with other aero clubs for ideas on potential programs, benefits and events
  • Participate in important NAA awards selection committees
  • Invitation to club officers to attend NAA/FAI ceremonies and events
  • NAA certificate of membership for club display. 

Four members of each aero club receive a Bronze membership with NAA (Go to Bronze Membership), and the rest of the members receive these benefits:

  • Quarterly electronic newsletter: The NAA Record
  • Invitations to networking opportunities at NAA luncheons
  • Invitations to NAA sponsored award ceremonies including the Robert J. Collier Trophy Dinner and the Wright Brothers Memorial Dinner
  • Full interactive access to NAA's World and United States aviation and space records database
  • Sporting License and Record Sanctioning eligibility

If your organization is interested in joining NAA, please send an e-mail to [email protected], or call 703-416-4888.


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