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Individual Bronze Membership

When you choose to become a Bronze Level Member of NAA, you are entitled to the benefits described below specially tailored to pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Please view NAA’s Silver, Gold and Platinum member benefits to see if a more comprehensive level of membership would be best for you.

Bronze Level Member Benefits

  • Personal Electronic Membership Card (sent electronically).
  • The NAA Record, an e-newsletter with updated information on NAA, its affiliated organizations, recent aviation and space records claimed as well as NAA’s many prestigious national awards.
  • FREE, exclusive one-year subscription to the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Quarterly.  Readers will get an early look at newly acquired artifacts, behind-the-scenes views of the Air & Space Museum’s conservation work, exclusive information about groundbreaking research, and insider insights into the world’s largest collection of aviation and space artifacts.
  • Unlimited interactive access to our records information. This is the ultimate authority for all aviation related records and a “must” reference source for all pilots who have dreamed of setting records and becoming a part of history.
  • FAI Sporting License*: Qualifying members participating in competitions and/or record setting activities receive a one-year FAI Sporting License at no cost upon request.
    *The FAI Sporting License is required for any U.S. citizen entering an Air Sport Competition or Air Sport Event in the U.S. that is sanctioned by FAI or for any record attempt under sanction by NAA. Applicants must be a member of NAA and/or an air sport organization affiliated with NAA. FAI Sporting Licenses for qualified applicants are included with annual NAA membership.
  • Discounted ticket price for aviation award ceremonies hosted by NAA.
  • Eligible for record sanctioning.

Bronze Level Membership annual dues: $50 ($70 for mailing address outside the U.S.)

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