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Stinson 2010 – 2019 Recipients

SHELLY SIMI  (press release)
For her accomplishments as a successful and passionate aviation professional and for dedicating over 25 years to opening minds and doors for women in pursuit of aviation opportunities of every kind.

LT COL DANA BOCHTE  (press release)
For her courageous leadership as a combat rescue pilot and her dedication to training the next generation of helicopter crewmembers.

SHAESTA WAIZ  (press release)
For utilizing her solo around the world flight to inspire and encourage girls and young women to pursue careers in aviation and STEM.

LT COL CHRISTINE MAU, USAF  (press release)
For dedicating over 19 years as an Air Force officer, imparting her wisdom and knowledge to a wide spectrum of Americans interested in aeronautics, and blazing a path for women in aviation.

JONI E. KELSEY, USAF  (press release)
For dedicating 40 years as an aircraft maintainer and electrician and blazing a path for women in the Air Force through her commitment to training and mentoring female airmen.

DR. MARINA RUGGLES-WRENN, Air Force Institute of Technology  (press release)
For dedicating over 27 years of her professional life to advancing the state-of-the-art in aerospace structures, design, and materials.


MAJOR GENERAL CATHERINE A. CHILTON, USAF (press release) (photo album)
For over 33 years of enduring aviation contributions throughout the United States Air Force including serving as a Test Engineer, Test Director, Operations Officer, and Mobilization Assistant to the Military Deputy of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force – all of which has made an outstanding contribution to the fields of aviation, aeronautics, space and related sciences.

No trophy awarded.

2011 (press release) (photo album)
For over 30 years of service to the aviation industry. Her collaborative work in enhancing transportation safety, and her efforts as U.S. Ambassador to ICAO have helped to make the U.S. transportation system significantly safer.

2010 (press release)
For her career and personal achievements exemplifying outstanding and enduring contributions in the field of aviation, aeronautics, space and related sciences. As a role model and pioneer female aerospace test engineer, she has inspired women and men to seek careers in aviation.


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