Stinson Nomination Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines when submitting a nomination for NAA’s Katherine & Marjorie Stinson Award. Nominations that do not fall within the specifications listed below may not be considered during the selection process.

The Stinson award recognizes a living person for an outstanding and enduring contribution to the role of women in the field of aviation, aeronautics, space, or related sciences.

Nomination Format
The nomination must be a Word Document limited to three (3) pages, not including the citation; page layout and type and size of font may be of the writer's choosing. Attachments, reprints of articles, etc., will not be considered unless incorporated into and made part of the three pages. The nomination document should begin with nominator information: name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Next, identify the nominee by name along with email address, mailing address and phone number. The body of the nomination should include information justifying why the nominee is worthy of this award; give complete and concise details with such background information as considered pertinent along with any other relevant information that would assist the Selection Committee in determining the worthiness of the nominee with particular attention to the "Criteria" above.

On a 4 page, create a formal statement, in 30 words or less, that captures the essence of the achievement for which the nominee’s name has been submitted.

Nominations must be received by NAA prior to November 30 and should be submitted by email as a Word Document to [email protected] with "Stinson Nomination" in the subject line. 

For additional information, please e-mail us at [email protected]


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