The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) is pleased to announce that Captain Robert “Crip” Crippen, USN, Ret., has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy.

Crippen is being recognized for his devotion to public service and the advancement of American aerospace; his achievements as an aviator, astronaut, and leader; and his selfless dedication to the future of humankind. After completing a degree in aerospace engineering, Crippen joined the USN and was selected for the USAF. Manned Orbiting Laboratory. In 1981, he was chosen to pilot STS-1, the first orbital spaceflight of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. Crippen’s NASA career comprised of many firsts including serving with the first American woman in space (STS-7), commanding the first satellite refueling with an EVA (STS-41G), and commanding the first spacewalk by an American woman (STS-41G).

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