NAA Announces Postponement of Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race

Washington, DC, January 27, 2023 – The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) announced today that the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race is being postponed from May 2023 to a later date yet to be determined.

The Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race was introduced at the 15th Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium as a 1000 nautical mile cross-country air race for zero-emission electric propulsion aircraft of all types including fixed wing airplanes, rotorcraft and innovative multi-rotor aircraft designs emerging from the Advanced Air Mobility sector. The race is intended as a resumption of the Pulitzer air races first held by the NAA in the early 1920s as the highlight of the popular National Air Races of that time.

“The NAA remains fully committed to holding the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race as an exciting venue for the advancement of practical electric propulsion aircraft,” stated NAA President and CEO Greg Principato. He went on to say, “The NAA intends to host a world class race event for this new class of aircraft. However, economic conditions and a strong priority by the aircraft manufacturers on product development and certification hampered our ability to secure the necessary sponsorships in time for a race in 2023.” Director of the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race, Scott Neumann, explained that there has been an encouraging response from industry to the NAA’s electric air race initiative to promote the environmental benefits, sustainability, and technical readiness of electric aviation. “We had a great response from potential competitors in the Pulitzer race during our pre-registration last December, and are confident that like-minded partners will join us for the race going forward and make the Pulitzer Trophy the standard of excellence in electric aviation.”

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