Dr. Anita Sengupta Named Recipient of 2022 Stinson Trophy

Dr. Anita Sengupta Named Recipient of 2022 Stinson Trophy

CEO recognized for inspiring the next generation

Washington, DC, May 10, 2023 – The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) is pleased to announce that Dr. Anita Sengupta is selected as the recipient of the 2022 Katherine and Marjorie Stinson Trophy.

As shared in her nomination package, Dr. Sengupta is being honored in part “for two decades as an engineering innovator in the fields of space exploration and aviation, and for providing mentorship and aerospace education to women and underrepresented groups, inspiring them to reach for the stars.”

“To receive the Stinson Trophy for my work in aerospace is an incredible honor,” stated Dr. Sengupta. “When women lead, we soar. When we elevate each other, we see the sky is not the limit, only the beginning.”

Dr. Sengupta is internationally recognized as a strong advocate for women in the aviation and aerospace industries. She is widely known as a passionate mentor and role model for the next generation. In her role as CEO of Hydroplane Ltd, Dr. Sengupta prioritizes advocating and elevating qualified women at all levels of the organization. Under Dr. Sengupta’s management, Hydroplane, Ltd. boasts a majority of skilled women in leadership roles, and broadly shares a higher number of females than industry trends in engineering positions. Additionally, Hydroplane provides at least 50% of the company’s interns are female.

“Dr. Anita Sengupta is one of those people who often fly under the radar, but who create and inspire each and every day,” said NAA President & CEO Greg Principato. “I am absolutely certain the Stinson sisters would be in awe of all Dr. Sengupta has done, and is doing, and would be so honored that an award named for them is being presented to her. Our awards recognize the best in aviation, and we do so again today.”

Always seeking pathways for youth, Dr. Sengupta offers ongoing opportunities for the inspiration of the next generation. Of particular and significant importance to her are youth and underrepresented students. To ensure their attraction and retention in the industry, Dr. Sengupta shares science lectures to thousands of school children at the Calcutta Science Center. She also offers TEDx talks in the U.S, and Europe, and seeks to impart an engaging innovation mindset with software developers in Asia and Australia.

The Stinson Trophy was created in 1997 by the NAA to honor the accomplishments of legendary aviation pioneers Katherine and Marjorie Stinson. The Stinsons changed the face of aviation as two of the first American women to earn pilots licenses. In 1915, the Stinsons continued to make history when they opened the Stinson School of Flying. The school was the first founded and operated by women and, while training hundreds of people to fly, the Stinsons accomplished several more flying first. Therefore, the NAA created the Stinson Trophy in their honor to recognize a living person for “an outstanding and enduring contribution to the
role of women in the field of aviation, aeronautics, space, or related sciences” just as the Stinsons did for humanity.

Members of the Stinson Selection Committee:

  • Stephanie Abrams, President & CEO, New England Air Museum
  • Alison McKay, CEO, Women in Aviation International
  • Stacey Rudser, President, Association of Women in Aviation Maintenance
  • Shelly Simi, 2019 Stinson recipient and Sr. Program Manager, FAA Next Gen – DigitalizBiz LLC
  • Dawn Vinson, Executive Director, University Aviation Association

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