Summer Awards Ceremony Honors Aviation Record Holders

On May 16th, NAA hosted the 4th Annual Summer Awards Ceremony, which honored the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2017, as well as other notable record achievements.

Captain Eugene Scholl, Roger Ponce De Leon, Gary Fogel, Matthew McCrink, Steven Hinton, James Payne, Collin Miller, and Scott Evans accepted certificates commemorating the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2017.

Pilots Orin Lucas, Frederic Audebert, David Lammers, Joseph Kline, Travis Holland, and Julian MacQueen were presented with certificates for their record flights.

The event was held at the Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center in Arlington, Virginia. Record holders and their guests enjoyed flying F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) and F-22 Raptor cockpit demonstrators after the ceremony.