President’s Message

On March 9, I attended a truly wonderful event at the home of the British Ambassador. Most of the DC aviation community was there, and it was an event honoring Richard Branson.  It was good to see so many friends.
With perhaps one or two exceptions I haven’t seen any of them since.  Indeed, the NAA team has not all been together in one place since even before that date; as we alternate work from home and coming to the office.
That doesn’t mean we have stopped working.  Records are being certified with increasing frequency after a Covid-induced lull.  Members are joining, and we are embarking on a cooperative membership arrangement with the National Aviation Hall of Fame.  Awards are being decided, including the Collier, which goes to the USAF/Boeing X-37B and the Wright Trophy to former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.  A fuller listing of awards is included in this newsletter.  Others are being decided as I write this.
We are producing more frequent communications with our members.  We have embarked on a very well received webinar series in cooperation with the National Aviation Hall of Fame, most recently on Sustainability and Innovation:  Ensuring the Future of Aviation.  We are working with partners to find ways to promote STEM education and sustainability.
I have been in touch with our corporate, affiliate, Aero Club and air sport members.  We are working closely with the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) on the work they are doing to implement needed reforms and advance their mission.
We all want life and work to return to normal.  I suppose those of us who work at NAA are fortunate in that we have been able to keep working as before, though in new and different ways.  We have not held an in-person event in months and are unlikely to until the middle of next year.  We did receive a PPP loan, for which we have met the criteria to turn it into a grant.
If there is anything NAA can do for you I truly hope you will let us know.  Call me at 703-416-4888 x 101.  Email me at
[email protected].  If you are experiencing a success you would like to share, let us know that too, so that we can share it with others.
Until we meet again in person, please take care of yourselves and all around you.  Stay healthy and safe.  And, when you get a chance, fly.