Aviation Workforce Symposium

The FAA continues to hear concerns from various segments of the aviation community on real and potential pilot supply issues. There also appear to be a number of budding initiatives to address this challenge in terms of pipelines (attracting new people to aviation careers), pathways (exploring regulatory and innovative ways to accelerate training and qualification), and partnerships (air carrier partnerships with educational and vocational institutions).

To maximize the benefits of these initiatives, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and the acting Administrator of the FAA are sponsoring a one-day symposium on September 13, 2018 at the Historic Terminal A at Reagan Airport to explore the scope of issues, share strategies and best practices to address this challenge, and ask the community to develop and commit to specific steps for cooperation and collaboration.
The event will start with a scene-setting panel and continue with three panels:
Priming the Pipeline will explore efforts and ideas for attracting new people to the profession.
Pathways to Proficiency will explore ways to maximize efficiency in training.
Productive Partnerships will review existing and potential intra-community partnerships.
This event will offer participants an opportunity to share information and best practices on pilot development strategies, as well as generate ideas for collaboration to address these issues.
Please join us and contribute your expertise to this important discussion.