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Pulitzer Trophy at the National Air Races

The Pulitzer Trophy was first awarded by NAA to winners of the Pulitzer Trophy Race, which was held in conjunction with the National Air Races from 1920 to 1925.  Created by Czech-American sculptor Mario Korbel, the sterling silver trophy sits atop a bronze base and measures 4 ft. 4 in. tall. 

Details of the winners of the Pulitzer Air Races are as follows:

1920 – Corliss Champion Moseley, flying a Verville-Packard 600, 156.54 mph
November 25, Mitchel Field, NY

1921 – Bert Acosta, flying a Curtiss, 176.76 mph
November 3, Omaha, NE

1922 – Russell L. Maughan, flying a Curtiss, 205.80 mph
October 14, Detroit, MI

1923 – Alford J. Williams, flying a Curtiss R2C1, 243.68 mph
October 6, St. Louis, MO

1924 – H. H. Mills, flying a Verville-Sperry, 216.55 mph
October 4, Dayton, OH

1925 – Cyrus Bettis, flying a Curtiss R3C1, 248.97 mph
October 12, Mitchel Field, NY